Section 30 - Porto and the North

Caminha / Valença

Depart from Caminha, crossing the Caminha Bridge over the River Coura. A little over 3 kilometers ahead, you’ll encounter the Pedras Ruivas river beach. Continuing your route along the coastline, ensure you visit the São Sebastião Chapel in Seixas, where you’ll also discover the Ecopista/Ecovia Caminho Rio Minho. This is a route thoughtfully equipped with picnic areas and rest stops, serving as a link between Caminha and Vila Nova de Cerveira. With its natural panorama of outstanding beauty, this path invites leisure trips and moments of relaxation.

In this region, consider also a brief detour to explore the Bronze Age rock engravings of Lage das Fogaças, nestled on Monte de Goios in Lanhelas.

Returning to the coastal expanse, take in the breathtaking view from the Ancoradouro Pesqueira de Lanhelas before progressing to Mota river beach, a charming river beach nestled in a tranquil corner of the Minho River, within the parish of Gondarém.

Upon reaching Vila Nova de Cerveira, be sure to immerse yourself in its attractions. Explore the Castle, partake in the offerings of the Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation, and ascend to the Porta do Espírito Santo Viewpoint. From here, magnificent views encompass the Minho River, neighboring Spain, and the Island of Loves or Vila Nova de Cerveira.

With a stop at São Luiz Gonzaga Fort in São Pedro da Torre, you’ll have another exceptional local for capturing Minho River photos.

Cross the meticulously restored Medieval Bridge of Veiga de Mira, proceeding towards the São Pedro da Torre Island,  a sanctuary for herons and kingfishers, and a natural haven of extraordinary beauty, safeguarded by the Natura 2000 Network, standing as one of Minho’s most exquisite refuges.

Upon your arrival in Valença, you have reached the end of the Section and the route of EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Coast Route. The city welcomes you with its Fortress, an architectural marvel, with the memories of two millennia of Portugal and Spain’s historical adventures. This jewel of military architecture boasts an impressive 5 kilometers of walls. Valença, however, is not only a city of military structures; it also showcases houses, churches, and distinct gastronomic delights such as cod, wines, and sweets.

Points of Interest

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Section 30

Caminha / Valença: 29

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