Section 28 - Porto and the North

Vila do Conde / Esposende

Starting in Vila do Conde and heading towards Esposende, your next stop is Póvoa de Varzim,  a coastal town with sweeping views of the expansive coastal plain. You can see the coastline stretching north and south, with the Serra de Rates serving as a natural barrier.

In Póvoa de Varzim, there’s plenty to explore, from the Fishing Port and Marina to the historic Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the aqueduct. If you enjoy panoramic views, you can go up São Félix Mount, the highest point in Serra de Rates.

Distinguished as a Protected Landscape Area, the coastal strip stretching from Ofir and Fão to Esposende stands as a pinnacle of beauty along the northern Portuguese coastline.

In Apúlia, don’t miss its beautiful beach. This village is also characterized by a unique activity: harvesting of sargassum (seaweed) during low tide, utilized as a fertilizer for agricultural fields.

Esposende is a municipality that harmonizes diverse facets of nature. Extensive sands and dunes, pine forests, wooded areas, hills, and fossil cliffs coexist seamlessly with rivers and the sea, resulting in a dynamic equilibrium. The strategic Cávado estuary and its associated marshlands serve as a haven for migratory birds. Amidst this natural tapestry, the verdant Ofir Pine Forest and the mesmerizing views from various viewpoints across Esposende contribute to the allure of the North Coast Natural Park.

The landscape shaped by human hands – windmills, masseira fields, watermills, and castros – coexist harmoniously, forming landscapes of great scenic and environmental value.

Points of Interest

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Section 28

Vila do Conde / Esposende: 30

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