The Boy with the Birds – Odeith

O Rapaz dos Pássaros / The Boy with the Birds
Location: Auditório José Afonso, Setúbal

The work ‘The Boy with the Birds’ was considered the best mural of 2014 by the ‘I Support Street Art’ movement. Painted on the side of the Auditorium José Afonso in Setúbal, the mural ‘The Boy with the Birds’ reproduces a photograph taken by Américo Ribeiro in the 1930s. The boy in the photo is Vicente Inácio Martins, now over 90 years old, who at the time was selling birds barefoot in the streets of Setúbal.

Odeith was born in 1976 in Damaia, and first got his hands on a spray can in the mid-1980s, but it was in the following decade, when graffiti began to spread in Portugal that he first made contact with the emerging movement.

His first experiments were on the street and on railway lines, which is how the passion he had always shown for drawing found a new direction. Before long, there were opportunities to paint large murals in Damaia, in Carcavelos and on several housing estates. Early on, he showed a special interest in perspective and shadow, with a dark style that became known as ‘3D dark’, where the compositions, whether landscapes or portraits, messages or tributes, stood out for their realism and technique.

In 2005, recognized internationally for innovative forays into so-called anamorphic art, where he excelled at perspective compositions painted on different surfaces, such as right-angled or wall-to-ground corners, creating an optical illusion effect.

Coordinates: 38.522171,-8.897993