Soares dos Reis Museum

The museum is housed in an 18th century neo-classical palace and has a remarkable collection of 19th and 20th century Portuguese painting, in which the so-called “Porto school” of the naturalist period deserves special mention, represented here by the artists Silva Porto, Marques de Oliveira, Artur Loureiro and Henrique Pousão. There is also a collection of the most important works by the remarkable sculptor Soares dos Reis (1847-1889).

Amongst other rooms on the palace’s main floor (currently under restoration) are the dining-room and music room, where some remains of the decoration of the old palace can still be seen. This area is used for the exhibition of 17th and 18th century paintings and some collections of decorative art, including an interesting set of ceramic pieces, in particular some faience from the north of Portugal, oriental porcelain, examples of the goldsmith’s art, jewellery, glassware and furniture.


Coordinates: 41.14774293266237,-8.621478918939829