Sanctuary of Santa Luzia

The construction of this sanctuary dedicated to Santa Luzia and the Sacred Heart of Jesus was begun in 1904 and continued until 1959. Designed by architect Miguel Ventura Terra, who was succeeded by architect Miguel Nogueira after the death of his mentor in 1919.

The architectural style is inspired by Roman-Byzantine style, integrated into the revival style of architecture that characterised the turn of the century. Its impressive rose-windows are the largest on the Iberian Peninsular and the second largest in Europe.

You can climb the Santa Luzia Mount by cable car, car or the steps. This place overlooks an important swathe of the Vale do Lima valley and a large part of the waterfront, to the north and south of the river estuary, as well as the lush, green hills. This panorama was considered by National Geographic Magazine as the 3rd most lovely in the World.

Coordinates: 41.701575,-8.834906