Quinta de Santiago Museum

The former Quinta de Santiago estate was built in 1896 as the summer residence of the Santiago de Carvalho e Sousa family. It is an interesting building with revivalist elements, designed by the Italian Nicola Bigaglia, that provides an excellent portrait of the late 19th-century social context.

Restoration of the building and its transformation into an Arts Centre was overseen by the architect Fernando Távora, one of Portugal’s most distinguished architects and founder of the Oporto School – the Faculty of Architecture where several of Portugal’s leading architects received their education.

Inside the building, we can see a permanent painting and sculpture exhibition dedicated primarily to the work of three artists: António Carneiro (1872-1930), Agostinho Salgado (1905-1967) and Augusto Gomes (1910-1976). The first floor maintains the original characteristics of a 19th-century summer residence.

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