Pólo Museológico Cândido Guerreiro e Condes de Alte (Cândido Guerreiro e Condes de Alte Museum)

In Alte, you can also visit the exhibition “Francisco Xavier Cândido Guerreiro. Life and Work”, focusing on the famous poet, playwright and lawyer from Alte, which is open to the public in the Cândido Guerreiro e Condes de Alte Museum.

Additional Information

Address: Rua dos Condes de Alte

Postal Code: 8100-012

County: Loulé

Phone: +351 289 478 058

Email: pmalte@cm-loule.pt

VisitAlgarve URL: https://visitalgarve.pt/en/508/polo-museologico-candido-guerreiro-e-condes-de-alte-candido-guerreiro-e-condes-de-alte-museum.aspx

Website: http://www.museudeloule.pt

Coordinates: 37.235791,-8.176004