Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Chapel

Situated close to the coast, in the far west of the peninsula of Peniche, this chapel forms the basis for a shrine devoted to the cult of the Virgin Mary. The date when this church was founded is not known, although it is believed to have been built in the 16th century.

According to legend, the image of Our Lady was found in the 12th century, hidden in a small cave at the site where the chapel now stands. After that, there began the cult of the Virgin Mary, in the form of the figure that is known as Our Lady of Cures. The importance of this cult, which is clearly expressed in annual processions of people holding candles, led to the creation of a shrine in the 17th century, comprising a church and a neighbouring set of buildings that included the homes of the chaplain and his helpers, shelter for visiting pilgrims and stables for the horses.

The most notable features of this chapel are the chancel where the image of the Virgin Mary is worshipped, the 17th-century tile panels depicting episodes from the Passion of Christ and the so-called Chapel of the Dead Lord, where an image of Christ is worshipped, known as Our Lord of the Cures.


Coordinates: 39.361117,-9.381514