Marina da Ribeira

Situated inside the western jetty of the port of Peniche, the Marina da Ribeira has 140 berths for boats up to 15 metres in length and with draughts of less than 4 metres, 20 of which are reserved for transient moorages. Besides the usual facilities (pump-out facilities, washrooms, laundry service, fuel), it has both a ramp and a crane.

Because of its location on the Peniche peninsula, this marina not only provides shelter for those travelling between Europe and the Mediterranean, but is also situated in an area of great interest for tourists. A welcoming, nautical atmosphere can be felt in the various restaurants near the port, where the cuisine naturally reflects the influence of the sea.

Between 6 and 10 miles from the coast, directly opposite the peninsula, are the Berlengas, a nature reserve composed of islands, islets and rocks, with their own specific flora and fauna. This haven of emerald and turquoise waters can be visited by anchoring off on the south eastern side of the largest island, Berlenga Grande, the only place that has safe anchorages, marked by a lighthouse.


Coordinates: 39.353719,-9.379195