Leça da Palmeira Fortess

The Leça da Palmeira Fortress, also known as the Matosinhos Castle or the Fortress of Nossa Senhora das Neves (Our Lady of Purity), was built after Portugal regained independence in 1640. It belonged to a chain of coastal fortresses making up a line of defence that further included the fortresses at São João da Foz and São Francisco de Xavier, better known as Queijo (Cheese) Castle.
This 17th century fortress with its four points and bulwarks was withdrawn from military service in the 19th century. It was then handed over to the Customs (1844) and the Secretary of the Port of Leixões (1899). It currently houses the captaincy of the Port of Leixões.

Photo: leca-palmeira.com

Coordinates: 41.18783206678927,-8.702041078358889