Carro Eléctrico Museum

Take this collection, unique to Portugal, and imagine exhibits featuring the means of transport belonging to parents and grandparents and only then throw in over 100 years of Porto history.

That is the experience on offer at the Tram Museum located in the former Massarelos electricity power station, in Porto. There is a total of 16 trams, 5 trolley cars, 2 tram support buses in addition to a photographic collection and exhibits including fare tables and designs.

Here, you can find rare examples of the horse-drawn “American tram”, the first mass form of transport in Porto. It was cars such as the no. 8 that, in 1872, began providing public transport in Porto. In 1895, the city was the first to provide an electric tram service. Trams such as the no. 22 were the first to smooth the course of life in this northern Portuguese city. Henceforth, the tram would form part of the city´s landscape.

You can imagine the surprise of Porto residents on seeing tram no. 373 trundling down their streets. Come and find out just why! Prior to completing you visit be sure to take in the famous “500”. A veritable box of surprises!

Coordinates: 41.147569,-8.632958