Capuchos Convent

The convento dos Capuchos (Franciscan/Capuchin convent) was built in the 16th century with structural and ornamental alterations made in the 18th century due to the damage caused by the 1755 earthquake. The convent was home to the hooded friars of the Order of Saint Francis through to the abolition of religious orders in 1834.

The façade, reconstructed in the 18th century, features the symbols both of the Franciscan order and the dignitaries that ordered its construction. Above, there is a niche containing a statue of Saint Anthony. The entranceway, in seriline style, dates back to the initial construction. In the entrance hall, architecturally speaking the porch, there are 18th century tiles representing scenes from the life of the Franciscan saints.

The site is particularly worth a visit for its panoramic views over the Arriba Fóssil of Costa da Caparica.

In order to visit the Convent, pre-booking with the Local Tourist Office is required.


Coordinates: 38.653290,-9.203904