Aveiro Sé Cathedral

Nowadays, the church is the see of the Diocese of Aveiro. It was consecrated in 1464 and was formerly connected to the monastery of São Domingos. In 1834, the monastery was transformed into a military barracks and was burnt down some years later.

The church was left standing, with a beautiful baroque portal, framed by 4 twisted columns, a frieze decorated with plant motifs and the coat of arms of Prince Pedro, the Duke of Coimbra, who was responsible for the monastery of São Domingos being established in the city.

Inside the church, the side chapels still preserve some highly valuable works of art. In the chapel of the Visitation, there is an excellent retable dating from 1559 and representing the Virgin Mary and Saint Isabel in a very original composition. In the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Ros rio, there is a beautiful image of the monasteryïs patron saint, dating from the late 16th century.

In the churchyard in front of the church is a beautiful late 15th-century Gothic cross, standing on a 17th-century pedestal. On top of this is a most moving portrayal of Christ on a cross, the arms of which end in a fleur-de-lys. The highly iconographical capital is decorated with scenes from Christïs Passion.

Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Coordinates: 40.639650,-8.650327