Section 2 - Algarve

Quinta do Lago / Portimão

Section 2 starts at Quinta do Lago. The Quinta do Lago is a tourist resort in the Algarve (Almancil parish, Loulé municipality), one of the most luxurious in Europe. It is inserted in the Ria Formosa Natural Park (protected area), a wide landscape of pine trees with stunning views of the lake and the Atlantic Ocean. Quinta do Lago is also a luxury destination for bird watchers, like the São Lourenço Lagoon. Quinta do Lago names a then existing beach with a long sand and no rocks. If you like golf, this area is ideal to practice. There are several luxurious courses of incredible beauty, just choose.

Following trip comes to Quarteira, a distinctly tourist place of the Algarve, especially in the summer. With an open marginal palm, which extends parallel to the ocean where it draws beaches divided by jetties.

The next destination to discover is Vilamoura, one of the largest leisure resorts in Europe. Golf, tennis, horse riding, a casino and an aerodrome are examples of complements of a tourist complex where the big star is the marina. Great beaches with extensive sands and excellent accesses and plenty of day and night entertainment make Vilamoura a destination of excellence.

Continuing trip arrives to Albufeira. From the Arabian, Albufeira inherited the narrow small streets, the old castle and the very white houses with arches. From the old fisherman village of old traditions, nowadays it is left the Pescadores Beach (Fishermans beach) dedicated also to the tourist visits to the fabulous sea caverns of this coast. It offers about 30 km of coastline and more than 20 golden beaches, both with respect to the natural environment and in terms of occupancy and tourism. A walking path by the will offer you magnificent views over the city, the beaches and the cliffs, ending in the beautiful cave of Xorino.

Between Albufeira and Armação de Pera you can visit the Zoomarine, a fascinating and educational oceanographic park in Portugal, created in the image Algarve’s secular tradition with the sea. Visit Zoomarine and spend a fascinating day filled with dolphins, seals, sharks, turtles, exotic and marine birds, crocodiles and tropical fish. You can also enjoy take a dip in the pool or venture into one of the park’s attractions.

Following your route reaches of Armação de Pera, which deserve mention its extensive beach and warm waters. On the eastern side of the beach remembering the fishing traditions of this town some colorful fishing boats are displayed on the sandy area. Nearby, in the village of Pera you can visit FIESA – The International Sand Sculptures Festival (usually between mid-March and October) that is the only event of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula and, given its dimension is the largest in the world. And if all day long you can appreciate the sculptures in full detail, at night there is a varied program of live music, theater, dance and circus arts.

Lagoa is the next county to find out. Natural heritage stands out Algar Seco, a spectacular natural rock formation that gave rise to a network of caves which lets in the sea water, the estuary of the Arade River, or the unique natural area – Sítio das Fontes. A very rich municipality also in built heritage, churches and a convent, forts, lighthouses and features chimneys.

The final location of this section is Ferragudo, with its white houses, leading down to the banks of the Arade River, Ferragudo is a picturesque fishing village, located opposite Portimão which ends this section.

This section is part of the Ecovia do Algarve, a 214 kilometers cycling route that connects Vila Real de Santo António (Section 1) to Cabo de São Vicente (Section 3), crossing 12 counties along the southern coastline of the Algarve.

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Points of Interest

Heritage: 9 Nature: 4 Museums & Science: 13 Turistic Activities: 22
  • Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano 9
    Postal Code: 8000-204
    County: Faro
    Phone: 289 898 920

  • Address: Quinta do Lago
    Postal Code: 8135-104
    County: Loulé
    Phone: 289 394 929

  • Address: Apartado 41
    Postal Code: 8501-903
    County: Portimão
    Phone: 282 968 380

  • Address: Avenida da República, 124, r/c cave
    Postal Code: 8000-078
    County: Faro
    Phone: 289 142 142

  • Address: Rua Alves Correia, 52
    Postal Code: 8200-090
    County: Albufeira
    Phone: +351 289 589 048

  • Address: Alcaria Branca
    Postal Code: 8005-404 Estoi
    County: Faro
    Phone: +351 289 399 524

  • Address: R Emissor Regional do Sul, LT D, LJ 3
    Postal Code: 8000-338 Faro
    County: Faro
    Phone: +351 308 810 558

  • Address: Largo de São Francisco - Galerias de São Francisco 18, Loja U
    Postal Code: 8100-692 Loulé
    County: Loulé
    Phone: +351 289 417 092

  • Address: Edifício Portimar - Alto do Quintão
    Postal Code: 8500-833 Portimão
    County: Portimão
    Phone: +351 282 470 063

  • Address: Estrada de Santa Eulália
    Postal Code: 8200-916 Albufeira
    County: Albufeira
    Phone: (+351) 913 185 782

  • Address: Zona Empresarial e Industrial de Loulé, Área C Nascente Lt 6 E
    Postal Code: 8100-272
    County: Loulé
    Phone: +351 289 393 044

  • Address: Zona Ribeirinha - Doca de Recreio
    Postal Code: 8500-503
    County: Portimão
    Phone: +351 282417529

  • Address: R de Portugal 35 B
    Postal Code: 8100-554 Loulé
    County: Loulé
    Phone: +351 966 132 552

  • Address: Edifício Ginásio Clube Naval - Piso 0, Doca de Recreio de Faro
    Postal Code: 8000-541 Faro
    County: Faro
    Phone: +351 914 539 511

  • Address: Cais Portas do Mar
    Postal Code: 8000-250
    County: Faro
    Phone: +351 914966608

  • Address: Rua Igreja Edf Nbr AD
    Postal Code: 8200-559
    County: Albufeira
    Phone: +351 969 913 454

  • Address: Apartado 11, EN. 125 Sítio das Areias
    Postal Code: 8365-908
    County: Silves
    Phone: 282 320 230

  • Address: Estrada Nacional 396 - Semino
    Postal Code: 8125-303
    County: Loulé
    Phone: 289 315 129

  • Address: E.N. 125 Vale de Deus
    Postal Code: 8401-901
    County: Lagoa
    Phone: +351 282 340 800

  • Address: EN 125, KM 65, Guia
    Postal Code: 8201-864
    County: Albufeira
    Phone: +351 289 560 300

  • Address: Rua dos Marmeleiros
    Postal Code: 8126-497
    County: Loulé
    Phone: +351 289 300 800

  • Address: EN 264, Lagoa de Viseu
    Postal Code: 8365-907 Algoz
    County: Silves
    Phone: +351 282 574 134

Beach: 64 Information: 18 Bike Shops: 9 Accommodation - Campsite: 6 Accommodation - Youth Hostels: 2
  • Address: Rua Pousada da Juventude
    Postal Code: 8500-423 Portimão
    County: Portimão
    Phone: +351 282 471 267

  • Address: Rua da PSP, Edíficio do IPJ
    Postal Code: 8000-408
    County: Faro
    Phone: +351 289 878 090

Accommodation - Hotel: 1 Safety: 7 Hospital/Health Center: 1 Pharmacy: 21

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