Sé Faro Cathedral

The statues and carvings represent one of the most valuable 17th and 18th century art collections to be found in the Algarve.

Of special artistic value:
– The altarpiece and cardinal chair in the main chapel;
– The Chapel of Santo Lenho (the Holy Cross) covered in gold leafing and containing an important set of relics as well as the founding bishopïs tombstone;
– The 18th century tiling, particularly the figurative panels in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Ros rio (Our Lady of the Rosary) and the finishings to the floor tiling in the main chapel and tiling on the lateral church walls;
– The Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres (Our Lady of Pleasure), a small baroque jewel with quality examples of gold leafing, inlays, tiles and painting.

Coordinates: 37.013212,-7.934961