Santo António dos Capuchos Convent

Convent of Santo António dos Capuchos (Saint Anthony of Capuchin)
The Convent of Santo António dos Capuchos in Faro dates to the beginning of the 17th century with a simple façade without any outstanding features.

On the inside, both the main and lateral altars were embellished with gold leaf carving during the 18th century. Of note are the 18th century tiles in the main chapel depicting scenes from the life of Saint Anthony (the Death of Saint Anthony and the Descent from the Cross). The small, harmonious cloisters can also be visited.

When religious orders were banned in 1834, the building became the National Republican Guard barracks and the local court offices. It was later turned into the Infante D. Henrique (Prince Henry the Navigator) Archaeological Museum and Lapidary between 1914 and 1973, when the collection was moved to new facilities in the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Assunção (Our Lady of Assumption). It then reverted to its religious role.


Coordinates: 37.019795,-7.936614