Nossa Senhora dos Mártires Mother Church

Church of Nossa Senhora dos Mártires, of its primitive structures, Parish Church of Castro Marim
The Church of Nossa Senhora dos Mártires in Castro Marim was built in the 18th century, on the site of a former hermitage.

Key features of the main chapel and lateral chapels include the 15th century statue of the Archangel Gabriel, the 16th century statue of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação e dos Mártires, and the 18th-century statue of Santa Luzia.

According to tradition, devotion to the “Mártires” (Martyrs) is in memory of the Christians who settled down in this border location, during the Reconquest era. The annual festivity of the Church has been held since the sixth century on August 15.


Coordinates: 37.217540,-7.441902