Nossa Senhora da Orada Chapel

Hermitage of Nossa Senhora da Orada
The hermitage dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Orada was originally built in the 15th century, but the existing church dates from the 18th century. Key features of the interior include the 18th century wooden altarpiece of the main chapel and the ex-voto offerings provided by local fishermen.

The 15th century statue of the patron saint is kept in the Parish Church of Albufeira. Every year, on August 15, the local fishermen pay homage to Our Lady in a procession that returns the statue to its church of origin.

It’s important to note that the hermitage is built in a straight line direction with the church dedicated to the Holy Virgin in Melgaço, in northern Portugal, signalling the two extremities that mark the greatest length of Portugal. Both churches have similar religious traditions and hold commemorations on the same date.


Coordinates: 37.096543,-8.264413