Matriz de Vila do Bispo Church

Parish Church ou Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição
The Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Vila do Bispo has a typical 18th-century façade, with a main doorway topped by a eye-glass and curved fronton.

Key features of the interior include the central nave covered by blue azulejo tiles produced in 1726, featuring images of water pots and dolphins, and a painted wooden panelled ceiling. The 18th-century gilded woodwork altarpiece of the main altar, contains an early 16th century statue of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, the patron saint of the Church. The sacristy has various 18th-century statues and 16th century panels representing São Pedro and São Paulo (St Peter and St Paul).

In one of the church’s annex buildings, it is possible to visit the Museum of Sacred Art, containing many interesting items including two 16th century statues of Our Lady.


Coordinates: 37.082535,-8.909017