Arch of São Gonçalo

Arch of São Gonçalo
The Arch of São Gonçalo indicates the site of the saint’s birthplace in 1360. He is the patron saint of fishermen in Lagos, the only Portuguse locality where fishermen have never adopted São Pedro Telmo as their patron saint. São Gonçalo died on October 15, 1422 in Torres Vedras.

According to tradition, São Gonçalo was born in a house located next to the Portas do Mar, in the exact spot where his niche and statue can now be found. At the end of the 14th century he entered the Order of Hermits of Santo Agostinho. Endowed with multiple skills, he dedicated himself to bible study and prayer. His impact on society at the time included several miracles, in particular the “multiplication of the tuna fishes”.

He has been the patron saint of the city since 1972, and the city holds its municipal public holiday on October 27, in his honour. The oratory was built in the 1940s, on the initiative of various leading individuals in order to perpetuate the memory of the saint.


Coordinates: 37.099159,-8.669513