Weekly Market of Barcelos

Weekly Market of Barcelos

In the city which claims for itself the title of “Craft Capital”, the weekly market is the event that marks the pace of the city. This ancient and historical tradition from 1412, was authorized by the King João in the same year. And since then, every Thursday, it is shown in the largest square of the city, all the diversity of popular arts and crafts, from pottery, to embroidery, weaving and basketry, wood carving and the forging of iron.

It is also there that the products of small orchards in the area flow. In fact, it is the freshness of vegetables and eggs which brings housewives to the city, on Thursdays, early, very early.

For these reasons, the Feira de Barcelos is one of the main factors of tourist attraction in the municipality and inspiration for poets, writers and artists.

On the Campo da Feira de Barcelos, there is also this curiosity: this square was classified by IGESPAR as a monument of public interest, much thanks to this weekly event.


Other informations:
Start Date: 14 March 2019
End Date: 14 March 2019
+351 253 689 142

Campo da República - Barcelos

Coordinates: 41.532711,-8.617578