The Hospitallers on the Caminho de Santiago

The Monastery of Leça do Balio goes back to medieval times, making it possible to take part in a guided tour, to get to know live the work of the craftsmen, to watch theater, music and horseback tournaments shows, to have fun with the mountebanks circus and jugglers,
While strolling through the taverns, enjoy the conventual sweets, embrace the medieval spirit and interact with the typical characters of that time.

One of the biggest events of the county, which has as its objective the promotion of the Santiago Pilgrims that cross Matosinhos and the divulgation of the Monastery of Leça do Balio, one of the most emblematic monuments of the north of Portugal and the headquarters of the Hospital Knights.


Other informations:
Start Date: 01 September 2018
End Date: 08 September 2018

Leça do Balio - Matosinhos

Coordinates: 41.20982,-8.62369