Roman Fair – Recreation of the Cayo Carpo legend

Roman Fair - Recreation of the Cayo Carpo legend

The traditional Roman Fair of Matosinhos returns to the city in June.

At the event, residents and tourists can enjoy the crafts, gastronomy, amusements and sports activities typical of the former Roman Empire, which, centuries ago, had a strong presence in the region.

In the middle of the fair, a presentation of Cayo Carpo legend. It is the history of the city of Matosinhos foundation. Legend has it that the Roman pagan Cayo Carpo, when he saw the body of the Apostle Santiago be transported to Compostela, “rode” the sea and eventually ended up converting to Christianity.


Other informations:
Start Date: 01 June 2019
End Date: 30 June 2019

Praia de Matosinhos

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