Estoril International Showjumping Competition (CSI/5*)

Estoril International Showjumping Competition (CSI/5*)

Horse fans cannot afford to miss the International Showjumping Competition that, in June, will be bringing some of the best horsemen and women in the world to Cascais.

The Estoril International Showjumping Competition is part of the Global Champions Tour, which includes ten heats. The event has been awarded the CSI/five-star classification, the highest distinction in the sport.

This top-class competition will once again take place at the Manuel Possolo Hippodrome in Cascais, a venue that is now almost 70 years old and has recently been improved and equipped with excellent technical facilities, testifying to the longstanding equestrian traditions to be found in the cosmopolitan town of Cascais.

Other informations:
Start Date: 20 June 2019
End Date: 22 June 2019

Hípódromo Manuel Possolo - Cascais

Coordinates: 38.693871,-9.426495