Banksy – Dismaland and Others

Banksy - Dismaland and Others

From 19 January to 31 March, the Alfândega do Porto will host the exhibition of photographer Barry Cawston on the Dismaland project, of British street artist Bansky.

The showcase called Banksy, Dismaland and Others, aims to take the audience on a journey through the work of an artist who has used his art to question the values of society for over 25 years.

The exhibition that is now coming to Portugal features 44 large-scale photographs, including images from the Dismaland project (2015), but also other icon works of the artist, such as Walled Off Hotel (2017), or Flower Thrower (2005), and includes a media installation screening documentaries on Banksy and his work – ‘Bansky does New York (2014) and ‘Saving Banksy’ (2017) – highlighting works and controversies.


Other informations:
Start Date: 19 January 2019
End Date: 31 March 2019


Coordinates: 41.142685,-8.620481