Artists’ Film International

Artists’ Film International

“Artists’ Film International” is a program dedicated to the exhibition of videos, films and animations by artists from various parts of the world. The network brings together 16 institutions that each year select a work by a prominent artist in their country, sharing it with the other partner entities. The set of works is then displayed in each institution under a common theme, thus allowing the mapping of contemporary artistic productions in the field of moving image.

The exhibition presents a set of films around the concept of “collaboration”. There are also films shown testifying to the renewed relevance and potential of collaborative experiences at a time of erosion of social, political and economic structures.

11:00 am to 07:00 pm. Closes on Tuesdays
Other informations:
Start Date: 05 October 2018
End Date: 22 April 2019


Coordinates: 38.696102,-9.194433