Ala dos Namorados – 25 Years

Ala dos Namorados - 25 Years

“All that is good passes quickly”, is a Portuguese saying, and it was at a glance that 25 years have passed since the formation of the Ala dos Namorados, which this year are celebrated in the Coliseums of Lisbon and Oporto!

It was in a flash that one of the longest and most successful careers of popular Portuguese music was cemented, certainly because there is no other band in Portugal that so perfectly aligns sounds from so many different musical streams with such an improved writing and such a captivating and singular voice.

Concert dates:
October 13: Coliseu dos Recreios – Lisboa
November 09: Coliseu do Porto – Porto

09:30 pm
Other informations:
Start Date: 13 October 2018
End Date: 09 November 2018

Coliseu dos Recreios – Lisboa; Coliseu do Porto - Porto