The Cineteatro António Lamoso, in Santa Maria da Feira, hosts the A.M.A., a local project composed by Joana Andrade and Zé Tó Lemos, on November 03rd.

All the songs and lyrics are composed and produced by the A.M.A., who monthly launch their themes through the digital platforms. In a wonderful universe between the synthesizers and the best piano melodies, their lyrics essentially portray love stories with the two voices in unison.

The success arrived soon and today you can hear them on the radios in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and even Brazil, receiving the best critics for their sound explosion.

10:00 pm
Other informations:
Start Date: 03 November 2018
End Date: 03 November 2018

Cineteatro António Lamoso - Santa Maria da Feira

Coordinates: 40.926563,-8.548017